What is a Will Vs. a Living Will?

Wills vs Living Wills

Have you ever been confused by the term Living Will?  Is that the same thing as a Will?  How do I make sure my property goes to my heirs or devisees when I die?  Is that what a Will does?  Or how do I make sure people don't keep me alive when I'd rather be allowed to pass away peacefully? What do we call these legal documents under Utah Law?  

These questions are questions I get from my clients all of the time.  In our latest YouTube video, Alpine, Utah estate planning attorney RobRoy Platt explains the difference between a Will and a Living Will.  You don't want to get these two things confused.  Or even worse, you don't want to have only one and neglect the other.  Check out this video and be sure to subscribe to the Platt Law YouTube channel to get access to additional helpful disucssions by estate planning lawyer RobRoy Platt on important Utah Estate Planning and Elder Law topics.  Click on the image above to view the video on YouTube!


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