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What is a Will Vs. a Living Will?

Wills vs Living Wills

Have you ever been confused by the term Living Will?  Is that the same thing as a Will?  How do I make sure my property goes to my heirs or devisees when I die?  Is that what a Will does?  Or how do I make sure people don't keep me alive when I'd rather be allowed to pass away peacefully? What do we call these legal documents under Utah Law?  

When is the Right Time to Update Life Insurance Beneficiaries?

A very important part of your estate plan should be your life insurance. It’s important that you understand how your beneficiary designations on your life insurance policies will work with your overall estate planning. Just like other important legal documents you should regularly review your life insurance to make sure that the beneficiary you have chosen is current and is someone you want.

Reasons Utah Families Fail to Plan For Long-Term Care


5 Tips from a Provo Will and Trust Lawyer

 There’s a lot that goes into estate planning, so it’s not a particularly simple process.  That said, there are some simple things you can keep in mind when gearing up to work with your Provo will and trust lawyer.

Estate Planning Tip #1:  Make a Will

When it comes to estate planning, one of the most important things you can do is create a will with your lawyer.  This document will leave written instructions of your wishes.  While you may assume that everyone already knows what you want, that doesn’t mean that the courts will care.  When you have a will, you’re making it legal.

What You Should Know about Your Parents’ Estate Planning in Alpine

Talking to older or retired parents about their estate plan isn’t necessarily something we look forward to, but elder lawyers in Alpine have seen first-hand why it’s so important.  Of course you don’t want to think about your parents’ death or to come across as insensitive or greedy.  On the other hand, though, ignoring these important conversations tends to make things significantly more difficult and expensive down the road.

Is there a Plan in Place?

There are several things that you should know about your parents’ estate plan, the first of which is whether or not they actually have one.  If not, you’ll want to start looking into elder lawyers in Alpine to get the process started.  Not only will an elder lawyer help with wills and trusts, but they can also help fund retirement, assist with senior living options, and much more.

Michael Jace’s Kids Spend 4 Painful Hours In Police Custody Following The Death of Their Mother…

Much to the public’s shock and surprise, actor Michael Jace, best known for his role in the ‘The Shield,’ was charged with murder following the untimely death of his wife in May.

According to reports, Jace called 911 on himself after allegedly shooting his wife in front of his small children.  Besides the obvious trauma that the children faced, family members are up in arms that the kids were forced to spend four painful hours in the sheriff’s office while police sorted out the situation, rather than being placed in the care of loved ones.

Following Protocol

As unfortunate and terrible as it sounds, what most parents do not realize is that if something happens to them, whether it be a car accident or a heinous crime (as in this case), without TEMPORARY GUARDIANS named, the police have no choice but to take your children into custody until authorities can decide where they should be placed. As Provo guardianship lawyers, we see this happen all the time.

Can Your Children’s Spouses Inherit from You? | American Fork Will and Trust Lawyer

Will and trust lawyers in American Fork see plenty of situations where parents who love their children are not entirely in love with their children’s spouses.  This can make the estate planning process a little tricky, because the spouse can add tension and stir up drama that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.  While some people include their sons-and-daughters-in-law in the planning process, it’s not all that unusual to leave them out.

Is Estate Planning Important for You? | Lehi Trust Lawyer

While trust lawyers in Lehi have seen first-hand how important the right legal documents are, we also understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to estate planning.   For example, the needs of one family will likely be completely different from those of another.  Likewise, a certain single professional may benefit greatly from working with an estate planning lawyer, while another would have very little need at this point in his or her career.
So, how do you know what you need?  The real answer is probably that you should talk to a trust lawyer in Lehi, but that sounds a little self-serving.  Instead, here are a few circumstances to get you started, and if you find that they get you thinking about what might be right for you, then it’s probably time to hire an attorney.

Alpine Will Lawyer Says “Exercise Caution When Purchasing Annuities”

Will lawyers in Alpine have a variety of tools at their disposal to help their clients make the best possible choices when it comes to creating long-term plans for their wealth.  Wills, trusts, prenuptial agreements, insurance policies…there are so many ways to grow and protect what you’ve worked so hard for.  In many, many cases, and annuity is a great strategy for having an ongoing income during the retirement years.

Utah County Estate Planning Lawyer Advice for Second (or Third) Marriages

Estate planning lawyers in Utah County work with clients at all different stages of life.  For example, many couples realize the importance of meeting with an estate planning lawyer before getting married.  While things are rarely straight forward (every situation is unique, after all), they can get pretty complicated in cases where one or both of the parties involved has been married before.

Who Owns What

When you enter a second or subsequent marriage, you’re likely bringing quite a bit of “stuff” with you.  You probably have various accounts that are all in different names: his, hers, and theirs.  The same is true of assets.  And then there are kids to consider.  Some accounts and assets might have the children’s names on them, too.

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