Medical Power of Attorney

It's Graduation Time...Make Sure You Avoid This Mistake

It's hard to believe that another school year is ending already, and for some of you, that means your child is graduating from high school and maybe even going away to college.

It's an exciting time, but did you know that once your child turns 18, you no longer have access to their medical records or their financial information without their permission? Although your graduating senior may always be your baby, in the eyes of the law, he or she is now an adult. And the privacy laws that medical and financial institutions must abide by also apply to your 18-year-old child.

Estate Planning After a Divorce

Divorce invariably has a major impact on the personal and financial circumstances of the parties involved. Although attorneys are often involved in the process leading up to a divorce, most divorce attorneys are not well versed in the issues surrounding estate planning and the effects that divorce can have on an estate plan. As a result, few people realize that after a divorce, some very serious issues arise with regard to an estate plan put into place during the former marriage.

Far too often, individuals assume that the divorce took care of these issues, but only when there is a death of one of the ex-spouses do they learn that they were much more tied to that individual than they imagined.

New "Utah Advance Health Care Directives"

In January of 2008, a new law in Utah entitled the "Advance Health Care Directive Act" ("UAHCDA") replaced the somewhat less useful "Personal Choice and Living Will Act."  The purposes of both of these acts was to make it easier for individuals to control the decision-making process related to their health care if they ever became unable to make such decisions for themselves d

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